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What We Do

Content and Entrepreneurship
Working with words isn’t merely a skill, it’s an art. We’re here to convey the reality and make it burst into life: thinking, writing, inventing, renewing and making dreams come true.
Strategies and Crises
Together, we’ll plan mutual growth, fruition and success, to burst forward and stand out- turning each and any crisis into an opportunity. We’ll be with you along the way, hand in hand, through the path you’ll feel is right for you.
Marketing Communications
Our unique methods of operation include sharing your story with originality, making your message concise while spreading it inwards and out, in English and Hebrew, through the traditional and digitalized media.

Our Story

We, Ifat Shomrony and Eyal Ben Ze’ev, former journalists and currently are public relations consultants- invite you to use our services in order to present you to the public in the best manner. Our intergenerational connection allows us to offer our firm’s clientele advanced public relations and provide consultations that are based on a wide array of tools and combines the entire range of necessary services for companies and organizations, mainly through public relations, marketing communications, crisis management, and entrepreneurship. We are proud to be a unique firm that knows how to tell a televised story in an original manner all while retaining an emphasis on personal attention and are willing to walk with you step by step in order to achieve our set goal.


Ifat Shomrony

Spokeswoman and communications consultant for High-tech and Biotech companies as well as some of Israel’s leading education and health establishments. A former senior editor at Yedioth Ahronoth and a reporter for Ma’ariv’s weekend special from the United States. An expert in training executives in handling crises. Has a rich history and experience in the realms of journalism and communications advising, mainly through exceptional writing, editing, production, MARCOM, public relations, and much more. With unique thinking and executing processes that exemplify entrepreneurship, creative thinking, and with a new and fresh mindset heading into each new project and case.

Eyal Ben Zeev

Communications and marketing consultant with expertise in creating marketing strategies, public relations, crisis management, representation, and communications. Former representative of the Jewish Agency to the Jewish Federations of North America in Chicago. A former Galei Zahal (Israeli army radio station) journalist who served in multiple production roles both on television and radio. Has working experience with organizations in the private and public sectors, an expert in political advising, internal and external marketing as well as proficient writing editing and producing capabilities of materials both in English and Hebrew.


Our Clients

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Liad Herman

CEO of Safehouse Technologies

On one hand, Shomrony Ben Zeev gives the feeling that they are experts in their niche, and on the other hand they feel like they are an integral part of the company

Esty Shushan

CEO of Nivcharot

Thank you so much for the belief in us as well as your empathy while professionally escorting us. I hope our paths will cross again

Gusti Yehoshua Braverman

Head of the department for Diaspora affairs, World Zionist Organization

Ifat and Eyal’s firm has been accompanying the department’s activities for several years. Their ability to create a story, tell it, and to promote it in the media is parallel to none.

Case Studies


Karyopharm Therapeutics is an innovation-driven pharmaceutical company that emphasizes on the discovery, development and commercialization of medicines with an ultimate goal of improving the lives of cancer patients. Founded in 2008 by the Israeli PhD Sharon Shacham, MD, PhD Michael G. Kauffman and run under Israeli management, the company has taken leaps and bounds in the field of research and development in oncological studies and treatments as well as other serious, life threatening diseases. 

The Challenge

Was to introduce Karyopharm- which is seemingly one of many American pharmaceutical companies- to the Israeli media, however in practice, it is an Israeli company which is publicly traded on NASDAQ (KPTI) and has an R&D center in Tel Aviv, Israel, which holds clinical trials and various case studies in Israeli hospitals. 

The Way

We chose to overcome these obstacles was emphasising the Israeli identity of the company by introducing PhD Sharon Shacham as the founder who earned her academic degrees in Israel and she is also a mother to a lone soldier in the IDF as well as introducing the Israeli management team.

The Solution

Was shining a light on the Israeli identity of the company, bringing prominence to all successes and the deliverance of the life-changing news to Israeli journalists that cover medical, financial, and biotech sectors to raise awareness to the Israeli aspect of the company. By publishing multiple items in top tier publications and newspapers, namely a grand article that shows the innovative work of Karyopharm in the weekend journal of Israel Hayom (Israel Today), the most popular newspaper in the country.

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Notable coverage

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The New York Times

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Channel 12 News

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The Jerusalem Post

by Calcalist 

Kan 11

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South African
Jewish Report

Israel Hayom

Israel Hayom


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